Beer and Open Source

Free as in beer

Sven Wagner

Who Am I?

Sven Wagner

  • Open Source

    • Linux User >20years
    • Running several web, mail, XMPP server
    • After many trials, nearly every computer runs Debian
  • Beer

    • Started apprenticeship in a small brewery in 1996
    • TU M√ľnchen Weihenstephan from 1998 - 2002
    • Nearly 20 years commissioning of brewerys world wide
    • 2016 Co-founder of Waschraumbrauerei
    • 2020 Co-founder of

Open Source Beer from Regensburg

  • Small, single brew batches
  • Beer recipes published in public domain (CC-0)
  • All used materials with supplier and batch number available

How it all began?

It all began with planned MiniDebConf Regensburg 2020

  • Plan to make beer, company founded, but no idea at all about a concept.
  • One day, Cold Tobi asked, if we can brew a beer for his planned MiniDebConf, we agreed.
  • On week later, Tobi mentioned, that if we brew a beer for the MiniDebConf, it has to comply with the DFSG

License for beer recipes

Why we use CC-0

  • In germany recipes have no threshold of originality by law
  • Only possible way was to hide it or release it to the public domain

Open Knowledge and Hobby Brewer

Everybody shares everything

  • If you ask, everybody will tell you his recipe.
  • A lot of people publish theire recipes in billboards, blogs, recipe databases.
  • Even on tournaments and championships, everybody is explaining you to the detail, how he made his beer

Open Knowledge and Pro-Brewer

  • If you ask, everybody will tell you his recipe.

Do we use Open Source Software?

Yes we do!

  • Webserver is running Debian Bullseye with Nginx
  • Blog on Homepage is build with Pelican
  • Font for labels and homepage is under OFL
  • Collaboration with Nextcloud on web server
  • Mailserver Debian Bullseye, Postfix, Dovecot, Rspamd, MariaDB
  • Code organisation of Homepage and other projects done with Git and Gitea
  • Other projects: PLC of our labeling machine is arduino compatible
  • Backup of all that by rdiff-backup

Are We the First / Only Open Source Brewery

No, and that is a good thing!

  • -> CC BY-SA 4.0 since 2005
  • -> no idea about license since 2015
  • Modern Times beer since 2012
  • Even Brewdog releases all recipes

Open Source Projects for Brewers

Well, you find a lot of free as in beer stuff...


pressure filler for beer botteling

  • Two github repositories, one for code, one for 3D printed parts
  • Like so often, no license mentioned, just released on github.


Automatisation of your home brewery with a RaspberryPi


Automatisation of your home brewery with an ESP 8266

  • Homemade License
  • "It's permitted to modify for personal use. It's not permitted to distribute the modified project."
  • Homepage
  • Github


Electronic Hydrometer with ESP 8266

  • Homemade License
  • "It's permitted to modify for personal use. It's not permitted to distribute the modified project. Modification can be distributed via the official iSpindel release only."
  • Homepage
  • Article in Hackaday EtiMa

Control for Chinese labeling machine MT-50, LT-50 ....


Slides can be found here: